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The money will go into the making of this film: craft services, transportation, actors, rights to locations and music.

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About the Film

Nina's Story.

In 2010 Arizona, SB-1070 was causing mass distress among people of Mexican heritage. NINA (30)  and her daughter SOFIA (13)  are victims of this law, and are coping with the reality that they could be deported at any moment. Both of them find solace in their artistic dreams, despite the constant danger. However, Nina is forced to throw away her passion for the arts as the reality of being illegal sets in. After losing her only job, she must struggle to find security for her daughter, but only makes their relationship worse. No one can risk helping her, because she is seen as less of a person and more of a problem. In a world that sets her up for failure, can she truly find success in her art?

Be relevant.

In today's socio-political climate it is more important than ever to talk about the people who's voices are being silenced. 

We watch as families are ripped apart in the media. Paperless hopes to bring awareness of the everyday struggles of people just wanting to follow their dreams of a better life.

This is a story inspired by the struggles of the director and her family after crossing to America 19 years ago.

We can't do it alone.

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About Us


Alejandra Castro - Director

Alejandra Castro was born in Baja California, Mexicali. She is an award winning Robert Redford Scholar for the Unique Voices Project by representing the unheard voices of the young Hispanic women. She has directed a number of short films, including a large-scale production with featured talent from the Twilight Saga and True Detective. Alejandra strives to tell stories in the hopes that change will come from the messages told.

Alejandra's Reel


Lia Gotz - Producer

Lia Gotz is an award-winning creative producer from the Dominican Republic. A Robert Redford Scholar, she has made it a priority to find the creative voices of minorities and help them spread their message through a variety of mediums such as documentaries with the award-winning director Chris Eyre, commercials for Apple with George R.R. Martin, music videos with a mixture of indie rock bands, and now with Paperless the narrative. 


Nathaniel Regier - Director of Photography

Nathaniel Regier is an award-winning cinematographer from Houston, Texas. His portfolio includes a variety of projects including short narratives, and music videos. Many of which have gone on to receive several different awards around the country. Most recently he's worked with acclaimed-director Chris Eyre, as well as collaborating with MacGyver creator, Lee Zlotoff on several projects.

Nathaniel's Reel

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